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May 4, 2005


Welcome to Brother Malcolm Melcher’s Bank of Catholic Moral Theology and Catholic Doctrine Questions.  I am a retired high school teacher after 40 years in the classroom. 

For thirty years I have composed and saved questions for use in extra drill work, for quizzes,       for tests and for examinations in a variety of different religion courses.

For Moral Theology this project has grown to over 600 questions. It covers nine topics and has two types of inquiry: multiple choice and free response.    For the Catholic Doctrine project there are some 300 questions with similar types of inquiry.

I do not want these stockpiles to retire with me.  This is an Internet project to make these collections available to religion teachers (for free) who do not have the luxury of time and energy    to acquire a bank of the magnitude that this “labor of love” has been able to produce.

This stockpile has been “student tested”. When necessary, questions have been rewritten to improve clarity or to better develop the analysis, synthesis and evaluation intent of their content.

An extra feature: in an effort to assist teachers in keeping tests fresh, a template is provided for those who wish to keep a record of the last year each question was used.

Both test banks are 100% free services.  They are offered to all certified religion teachers. To proceed beyond this page you will need a password. Bona Fide theology teachers may request a password, at no charge, by sending an application letter to:

Brother Malcolm Melcher, S.C.

801 Hearthstone Drive
Baton Rouge, LA  70806

The application must be written on official letterhead stationery of the school and must include the applicant’s current teaching assignment and signature. Inclusion of an e-mail address will facilitate  a prompt response.
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